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Jim Beam Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey November 2, 2013

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Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey reviewJim Beam Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey
Jim Beam transforms a whiskey that has been aged for at least one full year in charred, white oak barrels, into a white whiskey through a filtration process that results in a nearly clear spirit. Jacob’s Ghost is not moonshine or un-aged white dog.
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Light oak tones combined with sweet corn, vanilla, light cereal grains, and a slight briny note. Enjoy it the way you would a bourbon, or mixed like a clear spirit. While it can certainly be enjoyed like a traditional bourbon — neat, on the rocks, or in traditional whiskey cocktails — it really shines when you use it to replace white spirits like vodka, tequila, or rum. In short, drink it any way you please.
Price: $22.00 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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