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J.K. Scrumpy Hard Cider November 5, 2014

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J.K. Scrumpy Hard Cider ReviewJ.K. Scrumpy Hard Cider
This Original Hard-Cider has been made on our family-owned farm in Flushing, Michigan for well over a hundred years. J.K. Scrumpy was first pressed back in the 1850’s. J.K.’s cider is not only natural, it is truly organic.
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Orchard Gate Gold is fermented naturally in small artisanal batches from a proprietary blend of organic apples grown at the Koan Family Orchards in Michigan. J.K. Scrumpy use the same apples from the same orchards as his great-great grandfather did before the time of the Civil War. They are proud of that. It gives them a sense of history.
Price: $7.45 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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