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Corsair Red Absinthe September 25, 2014

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Corsair Red Absinthe ReviewCorsair Red Absinthe
Corsair RED Absinthe is a unique interpretation on the classic green spirit. Corsair RED is made using traditional absinthe ingredients, but is tweaked with some unusual additions, including citrus, tarragon, dragon wormwood (a relative of grand wormwood) and red hibiscus flowers.
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Corsair started with traditional 1800?s recipes and herbs to give their absinthe superieure the clean notes of a classic blanche. Then they tweaked it with citrus, tarragon (dragon wormwood, a relative of the grand wormwood that is also used), and red hibiscus for floral tones and color. The result is clean, fresh, and floral. Tweaked tradition.
Price: $56.00 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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