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Wild Raspberry Brandy April 15, 2019

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Wild Raspberry Brandy ReviewWild Raspberry Brandy
Wild raspberries grow in the forests and differ from usual raspberries by their smaller size and the less sweet taste. Wild raspberries do not last as long as cultivated raspberries, and they are ready for harvest by midsummer. You’ll love the distinctive fruity taste of Wild Raspberry Brandy and aroma which is indistinguishable from the aroma of freshly picked raspberries.
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At Miclo, a french distiller, freshly harvested wild raspberries are macerated in neutral brandy for 2-3 weeks. The resulting fruit puree is double distilled. During the distillation, the head and tail are precisely separated from the heart of the distillate, since only this middle part will be used for the Coeur de Chauffe brandies.
Price: $94.50 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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