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Warre’s Vintage Port 2011 December 12, 2013

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Warre's Vintage Port reviewWarre’s Vintage Port 2011
The Symington family is pleased to announce their decision to declare 2011 as a Vintage year. This is only the third Vintage Port declaration for all the Symingtons’ Port companies since 2000. Warre’s Vintage Ports are peerless in their expression of poise and elegance. This unsurpassed style is derived from the inherent characteristics of Warre’s two principal vineyards: Quinta da Cavadinha and Quinta do Retiro Antigo.
Buy Warre’s Vintage Port Gift Box
This is the most impressive and unique Port gift presentation available anywhere. A bottle of Warre’s Vintage Port 2011, considered one of the best vintages in recent history, is delivered in a unique Napa wine box that makes a striking impression. The Warre’s are one of the most distinguished and historically important figures to come out of the many Port families in the long annals of the Port trade. The gift is made even more valuable by the addition of two Riedel Vinum Port Glasses, designed exclusively to enhance the Port drinking experience.
Price: $155.95 Port + Gift Box. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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