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Sokol Blosser Evolution White Wine March 9, 2014

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Sokol Blosser Evolution White Wine reviewSokol Blosser Evolution White Wine
Since its introduction by Dundee, Oregon based Sokol Blosser Winery in 1998, Evolution has evolved into something of a phenomenon. Producing a proprietary blend like Evolution is a combination of art and science. Their winemaker, Russ Rosner, says, “In over twenty years of winemaking this is by far the hardest wine I’ve had to make.”
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Evolution goes perfectly with a hot summer day. But, over the years, some folks have enjoyed it on warm spring days, crisp autumn evenings and cold winter nights. They say it reminds them of those hot summer days. As far as food, Evolution pairs well with anything found in a Mexican, Caribbean or Asian cookbook. It likes bold flavors and spice.
Price: $14.10 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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