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Pravda Vodka December 20, 2013

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Pravda Vodka ReviewPravda Vodka
Dating back to 1743, Pravda has been produced in the heart of the world renowned vodka producing area of Southern Poland. Pravda vodka encompasses the best of each element of production. The ingredients found in Bielsko-Biala are simply the finest in the world. Pravda vodka is the smoothest, purest vodka ever produced.
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Pravda Vodka is made in small batches under the strict guidance of sixth generation master distiller, Aleksandra Kulak. Palate entry taste shows minor league cereal grain spice and a welcome flash of spirity warmth; at midpalate, this vodka displays some grip and character in the forms of oily texture and the piquant, spicy graininess.
Price: $18.99 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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