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Orval Trappist Ale November 5, 2013

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Orval Trappist Ale reviewOrval Trappist Ale
The birthplace of “Orval” beer is the Orval’s Brewery, located near Florenville, Belgium, within the walls of the monastery, where Trappist monks live. The skittle-shaped bottle was designed specially to delight the eye of the consumer with a superb beer, by retaining the yeast sediment when the beer is served.
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The gustative sensations will gain in nuance depending on the age of the beer. Young beer is characterised by a bouquet of fresh hops, with a fruity note and pronounced bitterness, light on the palate and a less firm collar than a beer of six months. The latter will feature a bouquet consisting of a blend of fragrances of yeast and old-fashioned hop.
Price: $4.98 Size: 330ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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