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Nutliquor Peanut Butter Vodka October 26, 2013

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Nutliquor Peanut Butter Vodka reviewNutliquor Peanut Butter Vodka
Drinking NutLiquor is like drinking the center of a peanut butter cup. Peanut butter smell, creamy texture, a little warmth going down, and a lingering peanut butter aftertaste. Delicious!
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NutLiquor is blended to be enjoyed neat, giving a great peanut butter taste without any “rubbing alcohol burn” to follow. A sweet aroma, a creamy mouth feel, a little warmth on the way down, and a lingering peanut butter cup aftertaste makes NutLiquor a drink you will not soon forget.
Price: $9.99 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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