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Murphy’s Irish Stout November 26, 2013

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Murphy's Irish Stout reviewMurphy’s Irish Stout
Murphy’s is an Irish dry stout, which means it is a touch lighter than a full-bodied stout. The blackish color comes from a difference in process at the roasting stage. The Murphy Brewery celebrates 150 years of brewing from 1856 to 2006 going from strength to strength.
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The widget, found in all draughtflow Murphy’s Irish Stout cans and bottles, contains the gas required to create the draughtflow effect when the cans or bottles are opened. A lighter and sweeter dry stout. The head is lauded for its remarkably thick and creamy nature and its “spoonable” density.
Price: $7.98 Size: 4-pack 16oz. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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