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Monte Alban Mezcal February 20, 2018

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Monte Alban Mezcal ReviewMonte Alban Mezcal
Mezcal is one of the most legendary drinks in the world with a potency reminiscent of the ancient Spanish warriors who invented it. Its mystique, created over hundreds of years, follows it to this day. Each Monte Alban Mezcal bottle comes with the signature worm curled up at the bottom.
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Monte Alban Mezcal starts strong, revealing hint after hint of its fiery origin with each subsequent sip before finishing with the unmistakable taste of pineapple.Pale straw hue. Pungent spice, wood and mineral aromas. A rounded, supple attack leads to a smooth, medium-bodied, exotically peppery finish. Shows very little burn. Drying, persistent finish. Great complexity, with an earthy array of flavors.
Price: $27.54 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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