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Luxardo Limoncello Frosted November 16, 2013

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Luxardo Limoncello Frosted reviewLuxardo Limoncello Frosted
Luxardo’s time-honored production methods of infusing alcohol with peels, pulp and juice, enhances the natural aroma and bright citrus taste of lemons harvested in Southern Italy. A superb, understated and classy Italian Limoncello.
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Light and nimble on the tongue at palate entry – by the mid-palate stage the tart but not astringent flavor of authentic lemon enchants the taste buds – lovely, balanced and smooth as silk. Serve it straight up and chilled as a digestive, on the rocks with soda or tonic as an aperitif, over vanilla gelato or sherbet, in hot tea in winter or in iced tea in summer.
Price: $23.33 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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