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Ricard Pastis December 14, 2013

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Ricard Pastis ReviewRicard Pastis
A refreshing aperitif, Ricard is a long-time favorite in France and the 4th largest spirit in the world. The principal ingredient of Ricard is star anise, a rare spice that grows near the southern Chinese border and in the north of Vietnam. Others include licorice from Syria and aromatic herbs from Provence. The original secret recipe, composed of a blend of natural ingredients, is unaltered since its creation by Paul Ricard in 1932.
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To fully appreciate the unique blend of anise, liquorice and the herbs of Provence, mix one part Ricard with five parts water and ice. The first aromatic blast is seductively anise-like, then it mellows, turning softer, more herbal, and plumper. At palate entry the intensely bitter taste of anise both enlivens and cleanses the palate. Finishes elegant and smooth.
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