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Laird Applejack July 20, 2014

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Laird Applejack ReviewLaird Applejack
Applejack production at Laird utilizes a huge volume of fresh apples each fall. It takes 7,000 pounds of apples to produce one 50-gallon barrel of Apple Brandy. In a normal distillation season, approximately 500 to 800 barrels are produced, which represents three and one half to 5 and one half MILLION POUNDS of apples!
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Although the recipe for the production of Applejack has remained unchanged for over 300 years, Applejack packaging has evelved through the years. The oldest bottles were hand-blown and sealed with corks and hot wax, and the labels were hand written. Applejack has been bottled in apple shaped glass bottles and ceramic crocks, and in a variety of sizes.
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