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La Captiva Pear William January 9, 2014

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La Captiva Pear William ReviewLa Captiva Pear William
This eau de vie is truly the water of life for this captive! Ah, to spend a lifetime swimming in divine pear brandy. Held captive inside of the bottle from birth, these pears are sustained by a bath of fine fruit brandies from France, the birthplace of brandy and the experts of gastronomic pleasures.
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To get a single bottle of pear brandy, more than 30 pounds of pears are needed! The resulting brandy is subtle, slightly earthy and incredibly smooth; They add it to the bottles where the fresh pears are trapped, preserving them in all their glory. Fragrant, refined and smooth, these brandies are exceptional as a digestif.
Price: $45.60 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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