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Killepitsch Krauter Liqueur February 3, 2018

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Chila Killepitsch Krauter Liqueur reviewKillepitsch Krauter Liqueur
Killepitsch is a dark, rich Herbal Liqueur made from a closely guarded formula of over 90 different herbs, spices, fruits and berries, by the Busch family, distillers from Dusseldorf, dating back to 1858. Similar to Jaegermeister in color, consistancy, and taste, Killepitsch goes beyond with a much stronger, more complex nature with hints of licorice, anise, and gentian.
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Award winning, premium herbal liqueur, Killepitsch, has been voted by an international jury again and again as one of the “Best Spirits” in the world. Consisting of over 98 organic herbs, berries, and fruits from all over the world and ripened in ancient clay containers, Killepitsch is truly a complex burst of flavors. The recipe has been a family secret for over 70 years and continues to combine tradition with state of the art advances in the industry to conquer new markets and new generations of users.
Price: $25.99 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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