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Jagermeister Spice November 9, 2013

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Jagermeister Spice ReviewJagermeister Spice
Jagermeister Spice builds on this legendary history by offering a new, modern take on the iconic brand. Rather than rocking the controversial black licorice taste, this new liqueur is a blend of cinnamon, vanilla and a smattering of other herbs and spices. Jagermeister Spice will be available in limited quantities.
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Jagermeister Spice pours a light, slightly translucent copper. The scent is all cinnamon and vanilla up front, with a pleasant backdrop of mountain herbs. The flavor is overall quite mild—sweet but not cloying, complex but not challenging.
Price: $22.08 Sale price: $19.99 Size: 750ml. More information and to buy it, Click Here!
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