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HobNob Cabernet Sauvignon June 27, 2014

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HobNob Cabernet Sauvignon ReviewHobNob Cabernet Sauvignon
Born in Southern France, Hob Nob Cabernet Sauvignon by Georges Duboeuf, comes from the sunny hills of Languedoc. Coined in the 18th century, the term HobNob refers to people drinking to one another, clinking glasses, rubbing elbows, celebrating various moments and milestones.
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Hob Nob Cabernet-Sauvignon has the aroma of spices and woodsy notes coupled with taste-tempting vanilla tannins. The spice is mastered by a good balance with wood print! It is definitively a charming elixir. The ending lasts and irresistibly makes us want to taste it again. pair well with chocolate.
Price: $8.99 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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