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Great Lakes Distillery Roaring Dans Rum December 30, 2013

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Great Lakes Distillery Roaring Dans Rum ReviewGreat Lakes Distillery Roaring Dans Rum
Unlike some of those other rum pirates Roaring Dan Seavey didn’t wear feathers and knee britches. He didn’t have a boatload of thugs to do his dirty work and he sure doesn’t have an expensive marketing company plastering his face in every bar and liquor store in the free world. No Madison Avenue types have ever even heard of Dan, but you can be sure Dan was all pirate.
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Roaring Dan’s Rum is distilled from fermented grade “A” sugar cane molasses. Before a second distillation, pure Wisconsin maple syrup is added. The rum is then aged in a combination of new charred American white oak barrels and used bourbon barrels. The hint of maple we add gives Roaring Dan’s Rum a buttery sweetness on pallate entry followed by a dry finish. Try it straight up or in your favorite mixer.
Price: $39.13 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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