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Ginga Shizuku Sake Divine Droplets November 3, 2013

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Ginga Shizuku Sake Divine Droplets reviewGinga Shizuku Sake Divine Droplets
Ginga Shizuku Sake is the only junmai daiginjo in the world that is made in an igloo-like “Ice Dome,” at -2C, 90% humidity, and no wind. The low temperature means “nasty bacteria” cannot survive, and it allows them to make clean, pure, ultra-premium saké.
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A prominent fragrance, a clean and fresh taste, with flavor deep into the recesses. A very elegant sake, driven by delicate aromas of almond, sweet cream and lychee fruit. Truly one of the “Rolls-Royces”, the Grand Cru, the essence of perfection, of saké.
Price: $54.70 Size: 720ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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