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Courvoisier Cognac 21 year old December 14, 2013

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Courvoisier Cognac 21 year old ReviewCourvoisier Cognac 21 year old
A stunning recent release from Courvoisier, this marks the first time Cognac from a top house has been released with an age statement. Courvoisier 21 Year Old features unique and extraordinary cognac not less than 21 years old, allowing the maturing cognac to blossom and achieve its full aroma and flavour potential.
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Courvoisier was made using eaux de vie from the premier Grande Champagne region. Very fruity and incredibly rich. On the palate, the aromatic notes deepen into candied orange and gingerbread, leading to a smooth and voluptuous finish with exquisite depth that seems to go on forever. The finish brings subtle notes of leather and fine cigar.
Price: $201.80 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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