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Chartreuse Liqueur 9e Centenaire April 10, 2018

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Chartreuse Liqueur 9e Centenaire ReviewChartreuse Liqueur 9e Centenairee
This Chartreuse is an unusual expression which is supposed to be half way between the Green and Yellow was made in the Voiron production facility in France. The Carthusian monks of the grand charter-house decided to carefully develop and produce the Chartreuse Liqueur du 9e Centenaire Edition in order to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the order.
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The Chartreuse is let to age for an extensive period of time in oak casks and is then bottled in individually numbered bottles, whose shape can be compared with the bottles used for Chartreuse from 1840 to 1878. Its color is entirely natural and it is a little bit sweeter than the Green Chartreuse.
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