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Cazadores Anejo Tequila November 2, 2013

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Cazadores Anejo Tequila reviewCazadores Anejo Tequila
The story of Cazadores starts with Jose Maria Bañuelos, who created the recipe in 1922 and kept it in the family for three generations like all famly secrets deserve. He named the blend Cazadores, “hunters,” in honor of his grandfather to signify a man hunting down his dream, and marked it with the symbol of a deer.
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Cazadores Añejo is a smooth tequila with a delightful flavor. Its authentic, smooth flavor comes from aging for at least 12 months in new, small, American white oak casks. Its oaky taste and agave nose lets Cazadores Añejo stand apart from the field of premium tequilas.
Price: $36.25 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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