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Burnett’s Sugar Cookie Flavored Vodka August 2, 2014

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Burnetts Sugar Cookie Flavored Vodka ReviewBurnett’s Sugar Cookie Flavored Vodka
Burnett’s vodka is produced by Sir Robert Burnett Co. in the USA. Burnett’s vodka is quadruple distilled for superior smoothness.
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The recent trend of dessert-flavored vodkas is meant to replicate the taste of those indulgent baked goods and other sweet treats we love. Chocolate Cookie Martini: The Chocolate Cookie Martini recipe is a cream colored dessert drink made from Burnett’s sugar cookie vodka, crème de cacao and half-and-half, and served over ice in a rocks glass.
Price: $10.16 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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