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Black Maple Hill Bourbon October 27, 2013

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Black Maple Hill Bourbon ReviewBlack Maple Hill Bourbon
Black Maple Hill is neither a distillery nor a place of origin. It’s an independent label owned by Paul Joseph in San Carlos. Paul pays Kentucky Bourbon Distillers to make this blend for him and then he slaps the label on it. So, in reality, Black Maple Hill is a Bourbon that’s blended in Kentucky.
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There is some nice rye spice that is a spicy baking cinnamon, but that sums up the diversity of the spice. Some oaky vanilla notes finish the sip in the back palate. The finish is smooth. Not too long, not short but not very complex either. Classic bourbon tastes are there, but the most prominent tastes to me are the sweetness and the corn, with the spice and oak a distant second.
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