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Barton Gin October 31, 2013

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Barton Gin reviewBarton Gin
Barton Gin has a crisp, dry taste that gin drinkers prefer. Barton, located in Bardstown, Kentucky, is part of the Sazerac Company of New Orleans. The ideal spirit to recommend.
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Clear. Delightfully attractive citrus zest aromas. This medium bodied gin continues to display a strong citrus flavor, and disappointingly for a Gin, no other botanicals are clearly discernible. Gin & Tonic: Tonic, Barton gin, three times as much tonic, all the limes you need, buckets of ice. Combine pleasing amounts of each ingredient in a red plastic cup that reminds you of college keg parties.
Price: $6.92 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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