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86 Cana Brava Rum February 24, 2018

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86 Cana Brava Rum Review86 Cana Brava Rum
Caña Brava is a 3-Year-Old Aged and Filtered Rum made from local sugar cane grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil of The Herrera Region of Panama. It is continuously distilled in a classic 1922 copper and brass still at the Las Cabras Distillery by Master Distiller And Former Minister Of Cuban Rum – for 35 years -Francisco “Don Pancho” J. Fernandez.
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Caña Brava is named after the wild sugar cane that grows in the fertile Herrera region. It is made in the Carta Blanca style of old Cuban Rums. Such a classic style rum inspires classic, Cuban style, rum cocktails. The Daiquiri, Mojito and the Old Cuban. A pleasing slightly oily entry and slightly weighty mouthfeel, lovely mineral and chocolate,vanilla bean and touches of citrus,with oak being present but not overwhelming the rum.
Price: $28.00 Size: 750ml. For more information and to buy it, Click Here!
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